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April 25, 2020

General Studio Updates

  • We fixed a bug affecting On Hide entry effect. If a user added an On Hide entry effect to an object in the studio, the object would never appear unless you subsequently hid the object to have it animate in and then be hidden. This has been fixed so that if a user added an On Hide entry effect, the object will be visible until the object is hidden, triggering the animation.
  • Users can now update their default experiences for Vanity domains without requesting assistance from the Support team.
  • Users reported seeing issues with object selection and editing text in Studio. If text was in a group, attempting to double-click to edit a text box, the group the text was in would become highlighted in the Layers panel and the cursor would change as though it were editing text. You would then need double-click again to select the text, then double-click a third time to edit the text. This would appear to the user that they were editing the group itself as if it were text. This has been updated.
March 28, 2020

New Password Standards

We are strengthening our Password Standards to a 10-character minimum. This can be a combination of upper/lowercase, numbers, and special characters, but excludes the use of emojis in your password.

We are committing to this change in order to future proof our password security requirements and meet enterprise security expectations.

Beginning on March 28th, Ceros users will be prompted to reset their passwords upon their next visit to admin.ceros.com.

If you are a MarkUp user and use the same email for your MarkUp account as you do your Ceros account, you will have two options:

  • Log in to Ceros using your MarkUp password. MarkUp already requires the strengthened security standards and your Ceros and MarkUp accounts will already be linked.
  • Follow the instructions to reset your Ceros password to a new 10 character minimum password. When you reset your password in Ceros, your Markup password will also be reset to that same password.

Note: If your account is currently using SSO, you will not need to reset your password.

March 28, 2020

General Studio Updates

We fixed a bug in which the Hotspot path edge detection did not work properly when inside of a rotated group.

We fixed a bug in which some Inspector Panel input fields did not support decimals. The following fields now support decimals:

  • Animation delay (on view and on hide)
  • Animation duration (on view and on hide)
  • Synced object width
  • Synced object height
  • On view interactions delay
March 28, 2020

Skip to Main Content

For those using assistive technology, constantly having to tab through headers or navigation to get to the main content below can be slow and tedious. Skip to main content allows this audience to jump directly to the core of your experience instantly, with no need for the creator to build out any interactions.

Simply define the main area of your content using our HTML sections feature - from there, we’ll automatically create a hidden link that only appears to screen readers and keyboard users (once they hit the tab button) which allows them to instantly jump right to it. You can also customize the link text via the Accessibility tab in your Experience Settings.

Category: Improved Navigation

Note: This feature is in development and currently only available to members of the Accessibility Working Group. To receive early access and provide feedback, please ask your CSM about joining.