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November 07, 2020

Accessibility Toolkit

We have worked closely with top accessibility consultants (A360) to develop tools that support the creation of accessible experiences. The Accessibility Toolkit aims to provide tools to help designers create experiences that are compliant with WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) AA 2.0 standards, which is a universal set of guidelines for web accessibility.

Included in Accessibility Toolkit is:

  • HTML Landmarks
  • Hide From Screen Readers
  • Skip to Main Content Link
  • Component/Link/Button Labeling
  • Reduced Motion (Browser/OS Preference)
  • Accessible Video Player (Keyboard Nav)
  • Accessible Video Player (transcripts)
  • Accessible Video Player (captions/audio tracks)
  • Screen reader-only Text
  • Accessible Carousels
  • Pause Animations (interaction link)
  • Show/Hide Content

We believe that immersive digital content is for everyone, regardless of any vision, hearing, motor or cognitive barriers one may face. The Accessibility Toolkit was developed with the intention of enabling Ceros creators to improve the accessibility of their interactive experiences.


  • To access the Accessibility Toolkit, please contact your Customer Success Manager.
  • Enabling accessibility features on your account is not an "ON" switch; utilizing accessibility features for a new or existing experience in Ceros does not automatically make that experience "accessible.”
  • Importantly, accessibility standards may vary by company and it is up to the content creator to understand how to apply the Ceros tools to those standards
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