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June 06, 2020

General Studio Updates

  • We remedied a bug in which the analytics CSV export omitted columns with no data.
  • We remedied a bug in which refreshing analytics pages with a custom date range resulted in an unexpected error.
April 25, 2020

General Studio Updates

  • We fixed a bug affecting On Hide entry effect. If a user added an On Hide entry effect to an object in the studio, the object would never appear unless you subsequently hid the object to have it animate in and then be hidden. This has been fixed so that if a user added an On Hide entry effect, the object will be visible until the object is hidden, triggering the animation.
  • Users can now update their default experiences for Vanity domains without requesting assistance from the Support team.
  • Users reported seeing issues with object selection and editing text in Studio. If text was in a group, attempting to double-click to edit a text box, the group the text was in would become highlighted in the Layers panel and the cursor would change as though it were editing text. You would then need double-click again to select the text, then double-click a third time to edit the text. This would appear to the user that they were editing the group itself as if it were text. This has been updated.
March 28, 2020

General Studio Updates

We fixed a bug in which the Hotspot path edge detection did not work properly when inside of a rotated group.

We fixed a bug in which some Inspector Panel input fields did not support decimals. The following fields now support decimals:

  • Animation delay (on view and on hide)
  • Animation duration (on view and on hide)
  • Synced object width
  • Synced object height
  • On view interactions delay
March 07, 2020

General Studio Updates

  • We resolved a bug in which disabling pages stopped thumbnails from updating when switching layouts.
  • We resolved a bug for iOS 13 iPad scrolling.
  • We resolved a bug in which images on mobile layouts did not have cropping applied when exported.
February 01, 2020

Marketo Forms Rendering Bug

We have updated our Marketo forms chooser to fix two small issues with Marketo:

  • When closing the modal and opening again, the forms are rendered smaller
  • When choosing a form and adding to the studio, the canvas component is not the same width of the form
November 16, 2019

iOS 13 Text rendering Bug

We resolved a bug in which all text and all fonts were rendering unexpectedly or incorrectly in portrait vs. landscape iPadOS 13.