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June 06, 2020

Resize from Center

Users now have the ability to resize objects to scale from center, which will keep maintain the original center point of the object. This improvement eliminates the need to realign the scaled asset.

Previously, users only had the option to resize images from the side, where dragging an edge would alter one single side. While resizing images while holding shift will still function the same way, users will now have the ability to also resize from the center of an object.


This is a small feature improvement that will make a large impact in helping designers become more efficient in the Ceros platform.

How It Works

  • To Scale from the Center while keeping the aspect ratio:
  • Select the object(s) you would like to resize
    • On Mac: Hold option
    • On PC: Hold Alt
  • Drag object from the corner to resize image
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June 06, 2020

Previewer URL Change


The URL for Previewer has changed to a new scheme. When using the Preview, Users will now see their Preview URLs read out as “account-name.preview.ceros.com”. No functionality has changed with the Live Preview. Existing Preview URLs will simply re-direct to the new URL.


Ceros is dedicated to ensuring that our customer’s content is secure and private. This is a proactive change creating a secure foundation for future improvements to our Admin permissions systems.